Movie Clichés - The Card Game

MOVIE CLICHÉS - Complete Edition


The Movie Clichés Kickstarter is over, but you can still preorder the COMPLETE Edition here!

Because of the Corona pandemic production and shipping will start later this year.

For the latest updates about the production please visit our Kickstarter page:

• 270 Movie Cliché cards!
• Action, Horror, Comedy, SciFi & Fantasy
• Card size: 63 x 88 mm (2.5 × 3.5 inches)


This is no complex game. No big strategy or complicated rules. But when you have friends over to watch a movie and you add Movie Clichés to the mix, you will have lots of fun! 

Here are some of our suggestions:




My name is Joscha Sauer and I'm a director and cartoonist living in Frankfurt/Germany. For the last 20 years I've been drawing a cartoon series called NICHTLUSTIG (which means NOTFUNNY in German). Three years  ago I produced an animated series based on my cartoons with the help of over 12.000 backers on Kickstarter!

I have wanted to make a card game about Movie Clichés for a long time. And for even longer I've wanted to work with my talented friend Anna-Maria Jung. She's an amazing artist from Austria and has been publishing books and illustrations for over ten years now. Maybe you already saw some of her very cool shirt designs online...

When she's not drawing, Anna-Maria loves to hang out at LARP weekenders and she's also a huge movie nerd. So I knew right away she was the perfect fit to illustrate the Movie Cliché cards. I collected and scribbled ideas for the clichés while Anna-Maria started doodling characters and designs for the cards.

Now we finished all illustrations and are ready to start production. Over 4000 great people already backed us on Kickstarter and you can support the us by preordering the game here. We'll start shipping in May 2020.
If you have questions about the game or anything related to it, just send an email to: